Targeted topical treatment option for patients with post-herpetic neuralgia

Versatis® in PHN treatment guidelines

Clinical studies demonstrated efficacy of Versatis in patients with PHN. It is therefore recommended as a first-line treatment option for PHN by the European Federation of Neurological Societies (EFNS)6

In addition, the plaster provide a protective cover over the hypersensitive area of the skin and offers an immediate cooling and soothing effect. 2,8

First line treatment

Versatis® is recommended as first-line treatment for PHN in the elderly by the EFNS6 and as first-line treatment for frail and elderly patients in the NEUPSIG guideline 2015.32

Hear Professor Gunnar Wasner's commenting on Versatis®

The use of Versatis® is recommended as a first line treatment for PHN by EFNS

Professor Gunnar Wasner

Dept. of neurology, Division of Neurological Pain Research and Therapy, Kiel

For more information on the use of Versatis® within your national treatment guidelines, please visit your local Versatis® website.